A letter to Serbian Society of Intensive Care Medicine


It is very important for an association to have an official journal, because there are a lot of benefits to the development of the association. 


It is very important for an association to have an official journal, because there are a lot of benefits to the development of the association. For example,

1) When you are holding a forum or conference, an official journal could provide the association a platform to publish the meeting abstract freely and quickly, to deliver the newest finding or concepts of the meeting held by the association all around the world on timely.

2) Also, a journal can serve for the members of the association to publish their research works with the most priority and considerable discount or waiver.

3) With its world widely distributed readers, authors, reviewers and editors, an international journal can bring a huge of browsing times to the association’s official page, acting as a very good stage to promote the scientific reputation and popularity of the association as well as the members of it.

4) The exposure to public and the benefits to members of the association brought by the journal, will also attract more researchers to join in the association.

5) An international journal can provide a very good platform to promote the scientific reputations and research works of the member of association, if they can join in the editor team of the journal, and the journal will provide the priority to their applications.

And so on.

Fortunately, all above benefits our journal can bring to a cooperative association. Signa Vitae is an international open access and peer reviewed journal, we have extensively distributed readers, author, reviewers and editors al around the world. Currently, we are indexed by SCI, Embase, Scopus, IndexCopernicus, Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index etc. Nowadays, we have more than 37,000 visiting per month.

Meanwhile, if we can build an official partnership with your respectable association, you can also bring us a lot of benefits, just as the benefits we could bring to you. Therefore, the cooperation between us will be a mutual beneficial friendship. That’s the reason why we sincerely would like to collaborate with your association.

In order to promote our cooperation to proceed forward successfully, I would like propose the following ideas to work with your esteemed association, for you to consider.

1), we can promote the basic information and conference etc. of SSICMon our official website, and announce the connection between us on conspicuous page of our website. We hope you could promote our journal's basic information on your official page, too.

2), we will promote SSICM on conference and our social media network (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc.), as well as other occasion. We hope the member of SSICM could promote our journal on conference and the official medial platform of SSICM as well.

(Note: 1, we will promote every article from your association with our social media network, such like LinkedIn community, Facebook community and Twitter community etc. 2, We will mark the partnership with your association as the part of the signature in every email we communicate with our contactor, to reinforce the visibility of your society.)

3), every paper from the member of SSICM published on Signa Vitae can enjoy a 20% discount, and if SSICM could contribute more than 10 papers per month, we could provide every paper a 30% discount on APC. Besides, meeting abstract and editorial from SSICM will be published on Signa Vitae freely. Hope SSICM could encourage your members consider our journal when they are about to submit an article.

(Note: 1, every time when we ask our authors from your country to pay the publication fees, we will consult the author’s willingness to consider joining in your association to get some discount. This can let more authors know about your association. However, permitting their applications or not will be decided by you.)

4), manuscripts from the members of SSICM, or manuscripts from the conference held by SSICM will be processed and published as the first priority.

(Note: 1, our editorial office will keep the members of SSICM closely informed about the latest progress of their manuscript)

5), we can recommend SSICM and activities of SSICM to our readers, authors, reviewers and editors, encourage them to consider SSICM, and hope SSICM could also recommend our journal to your member as well.

6), members of SSICM are very welcome to join the editor team (associate editor, editorial board member and guest editor) of the journal, and the editorial office will give priority to the applications from the members of SSICM. We have considerable privileges for the member of our editor team.

7), we could provide sponsorships for the members of SSICM when they are attending the international conference, if they could promote our journal on the conference.

8), our journal would like to actively participate in the conference/activities held by SSICM, and will also encourage our contacts to consider the conference/activities held by SSICM.

9), our “producing center” could freely design the flyer or promotion pamphlet for SSICM or the conference held by SSICM.


You are very welcome to discuss with us about all above items, and to propose your ideas for our cooperation. When we make an agreement on the cooperation, we will display the logo & name of SSICM on our official website and announce the connection between us on social media platform immediately.

Yours sincerely,
The Editorial office
Signa Vitae